Friday, November 12, 2010

SUNDAY, NOV. 14, 1:00pm- 5K for time

Hey everyone,

This Sunday, Nov. 14th at 1:00pm, we'll meet at the 56th Street entrance of Eagle Creek Park for a 5K run or walk with the goal being to run or walk at your fastest pace.

Bring a watch to time yourself.

If you want to meet at Kelly's house beforehand and caravan into Eagle Creek to save some money ($5 park entry fee per car), be at her place no later than 12:40pm.

Her address is: 7601 Noel Forest Lane, Indy
Phone: 317-753-4392 cell / 298-3912 home

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Congrats to Monumental runners/walkers!

Several folks ran the half marathon or the full marathon this past weekend in Indianapolis, and several others walked the half course! Congrats to everyone! Check back here later this week for what we have planned for this Sunday, Nov. 14!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oct. 31 Sunday - Avon's Washington Park

Join us on Sunday at 1:00pm in Avon at Washington Park. It's a great place to walk or run with trails and paved paths (and a couple hills). Park/meet at 1:00pm by the playground.

View a map of the park at:

For driving directions, visit:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Your Own Sunday Oct. 24

Hey folks,

Everyone is on their own this Sunday, Oct.24. Go out and have some fun doing your own kind of "thang". Check back for our Oct. 31, Sunday, plans....Halloween !

RUN LIKE HELL 5K Run/Walk on Friday, Oct. 29, at 7pm along the downtown canal. Running in a costume is optional but highly encouraged by the race organizers!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


The Oct. 17 location has changed !! We will meet at the Monon Trail in Broadripple (at the intersection behind the McDonalds) at 1:00pm.

Walk or run depending on your pleasure! See you at 1:00pm on Sunday in Broadripple!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunday, Oct. 10 - Walking/Running Intervals

Hey Walkers and Runners! Be sure to come on Sunday, Oct. 10 at 8am to walk or run (or both) intervals with us. Sure, it's early but combat that by going to bed earlier the night before!!! This will be a fun gathering since we will all be in the same general area, just everyone moving at different speeds.

As for the eerie photo, that was simply to get your attention so you'd read the blog!!

We will be meeting at Eagle Creek Park, the 71st street entrance (off of Hwy 65).

We'll do intervals along that stretch of the park. Then, if you'd like you can walk or jog the forest trails on your own and at your own pace. Fall colors are coming out so enjoy !

For those who want to carpool into the park and save yourself the $5 park entry fee, meet at Kelly's house at 7:45am for a 7:55 departure to the park .... 7601 Noel Forest Lane, Indy 46278. If you are running late, just come to the park directly, 71st street entrance.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

October 3 Opportunity-Eagle Creek events

Hey everyone,
On October 3rd, consider signing up for the trail running/walking event at Eagle Creek and pick your pleasure: 5K, 15K, half-marathon, full marathon! Check out the right hand side of this page for the website to get more information.

In light of this event and the several Goddesses participating in it, we'll skip a formal gathering on Oct. 3.

Post-event I am hightailing it up to Harry's Chocolate Shop in W. Lafayette (where they do NOT serve chocolate) and hanging out with some friends. Feel free to join us if you aren't offended by alcohol consumption, the best sodium-laded chicken wings EVER, stumbling & mumbling tipsy people, and cursing.

SO, what's in store for us on Oct. 10, the next Goddess gathering on a Sunday? I SAY INTERVALS...and maybe a few intervals on hills? Put down 8am, Oct. 10 on your calendars at Eagle Creek park (specific entrance to park forthcoming).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunday, Sept 19 Run/walk

On Sunday, Sept. 19, Kelly will be leading folks on a run in Eagle Creek Park starting at 8:00am at the 71st Street entrance. If you haven't joined us for a goddess gang gathering, please come by and share in the laughter and exercise. (please also, everyone send some good juju our way for the sprint tri that Stephanie and I are doing in Fishers...when you start your run, we will be starting our swim!)

IMPORTANT: September 25, Saturday is the Mallow Run Winery 5 mile run and 5K run & walk on the southside. Sign up now at Post event, Mallow will serve you wine and Bazbeaux pizza. THEN, at 6:00pm come to my house for some munchies and a bonfire. We just live about 7 miles south of the winery. Interested? Email me for directions or leave a comment here.

Sherri D.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday instead of Sunday Event

Hey All,

Saturday will be the day for this week's activity instead of Sunday. We are going to tag along with Chris Roche's planned trail run or walk in Eagle Creek park with his PR Fitness athletes. Meet at the 56th Street entrance. Don't forget there is a park fee of $5. We are meeting at 11am with a scheduled depart time of 11:10. Hope to see you there.

Don't forget to register for upcoming events like the Mallow Run Winery Wine at the Line run or walk on Sept. 25, or the Eagle Creek mini or marathon on Oct. 3. There's also the Fisher's Triathlon on Sept. 19...lots of options to keep moving!

As a side note, I had my first personal training session with Richard Stent of PR Fitness this morning. If you've been hesitating on setting up a session with Richard, don't wait any longer! It was fantastic - lots of fun and great instruction. He'll help you refine your lifting technique, making tweaks here and there that will make all the difference in how you feel, how you look, and how much weight you lift. For more info, visit

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sept. 5, Labor Day weekend - no formal activity/Tri Celebrations

Hey Everyone,
Congrats to all who did the Go Girl Triathlon at Eagle Creek last weekend! Fun, great fellowship, and some pretty impressive finishes, too! If you passed on doing the Tri this year, do consider it for next year. Very low pressure, very high fun level.
Since Sept. 5 is part of the Labor Day weekend, lots of folks are gone or unavailable so we won't have a formalized gathering that day.

SO, our goal is to re-connect on Sept. 12, Sunday, and do something fun. AND, I mean fun because Goddess Vanessa is returning to Indiana from dreary San Diego (ha) for that weekend! Stay tuned for what fun we'll schedule for that Sunday. Check back next week. Several of us have upcoming races in September through November so be ready for some Goddess running action. Chris Roche/PR will also be hosting some trail runs in September to help folks prepare for the Oct. 3 Eagle Creek 1/2 and full marathon on the trails.

Until then, enjoy a few photos from the Tri. (Team photos were captured on my disposable camera so I will post those photos next week when I get the CD back from the developer!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Go GIrl Triathlon This Saturday/No Sunday plans

What's the plan for Sunday? Not a damn thing besides RECOVERY!

There will be no formal Sunday group activity this week due to so many ladies in our group participating in the Go Girl Triathlon on Saturday morning! Come by Eagle Creek Park (beach area) to cheer everyone on to the finish line. The Tri starts at 8am so arrive early to get parking and to not get stuck in traffic while 600 women bike and run past you. Afterwards, come by Kelly's house for a post-tri party. Bring a dish to pitch in. Publish Post

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Sunday's Gathering & another event at Eagle Creek

Join us on Sunday, August 22nd for a swim and a bike at Eagle Creek.

Swim - meet at Eagles Hide-a-way at 7am-8am
Bike - meet at 56th Street entrance beach area around 8am; we'll do the route that the Go Girl bikers will be riding

Moving on to the fall, here's an October 3 event to consider!!!! Check it out!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday, Aug. 15--SWIMMING at 7am

Yep, it's an early morning Goddess swimming adventure on Sunday the 15th. Why so early? So we don't get caught swimming in Eagle Creek later in the day (yes, swimming is prohibited so those of you who don't want another arrest on your record better stay home).

Those of you who don't yet have a record, who don't care about another arrest, or who are feeling invincible, COME ON BY!

We are meeting at Eagles Hideaway (oooh, that even sounds like the perfect clandestine meeting spot for the Goddess Gang, doesn't it?) at 7am sharp. Richard from PR Fitness will be our swimming coach and guide...he breaks the law doing this ALL of the time! So far, no arrests for illegal swimming. He's either very lucky or he can swim faster than park rangers can.

For directions to Eagles Hideaway, please mapquest the address...8901 W 65th Street, Indianapolis.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunday, Aug. 8 - Trail Run & Easy Bike

Hey Everyone,

We were aiming for a swim this Sunday on the 8th but that's been pushed back to the 15th. More to come on that next week.

For THIS Sunday, Aug. 8, at 8am we will meet at Eagle Creek Park (71st street entrance) for a trail run. Yes, we may get lost on the trails but that's where "adventure" comes into play.

After the run, I am going to do a very easy bike ride around the park (as in EASY) if anyone wants to join me. I need to break-in my butt on my new bike seat....ouch. FYI, Kelly and I got excellent service at Matthews Bike shop on Pendleton Pike if anyone is interested; ask for Scott Henning and tell him the very talkative, off-color triathlon girls (one of which test drove bikes barefoot - is that like barefoot running?) recommended him.

Don't forget that Chris and Richard of PR Fitness will be hosting a Triathlon info session on Sunday from 2-4pm. For directions, visit

As always, no need to RSVP. Just be at the 71st entrance by 8am on Sunday the 8th if you want to join us.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monumental 1/2 Marathon Nov. 6

Hi All,
Several of us have decided to register for the November 6 Monumental Marathon half-marathon event. Please think about joining us! And don't forget - CrossFit at PR Fitness ( is a great way to train for running events without having to do time-consuming long training runs.

For more information or to register, go to

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday, Aug. 1 Recap

A small but mighty force gathered at Eagle Creek this Sunday - Sherri and Kelly. We rode bikes for 5 miles, then ran 3 miles. Great conversation the entire time! Check back later in the week for the Aug. 8, Sunday, plans.

P.S. - After the biking/running, I rented a kayak from the park and paddled for 2 hours...FUN!!!! Think this may be an outing for us in the future. Thanks to Pam T. for introducing me to this fun sport and being my tour guide yesterday.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

August 1, Sunday - Eagle Creek

Ladies and Gentlemen,

August 1, Sunday, at 8am we'll meet at Eagle Creek, 71st Street entrance for biking and running/walking.

Biking will be first, followed by the run/walk. Don't forget to bring money for the park fee.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 25 Plan

Hey everyone,

On Sunday, July 25, Kelly and Sherri are out of town and we usually organize the Sunday time and location. SO, what does this mean? It means there is no official gathering UNLESS one of you wants to pick a time and a location and send it my way to post on the blog. Just send me a note back under if you want to set up a meeting time/place for this sunday and post it under COMMENTS. Then, I'll post that info to the blog.

That following Sunday, August 1, let's meet at 8:00am at Eagle Creek. We'll bike first, then follow it up for a run. Just want to do one thing and not the other - no worries.

NOTE: Something to look forward to!! Kathi T. of the southside and Cindy B. of Columbus (the really southside) both know of great running paths down their way for us to try in the near future. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Girl Triathlon - Tell us ASAP

Hey folks,

This list should include everyone who has said they were interested in the GO GIRL triathlon.

Participating in Full Tri:
Alison Cole
Sherri DeCoursey
Jen Johansen
Kelly Rota-Autry

** Ful Tri Ladies, don't forget to register and keep checking the goddessgang blogspot if you are interested in some group workouts! Chris also will be lending his training expertise and giving us some ideas on how to get ready!

Tri Teams (2 or 3 people per team):

Team 1: Katie (to swim) Ginger (to bike) Cindy (to run) (or Joyce??) Need to know who before I register, also need everyone's ages and addresses....

As for Team 2 or 3 or ...Aimee will bike or run if someone else will swim ... ANYONE WANT TO SWIM? You swim in Eagle Creek but only 20 pool laps.

As Jen Johansen said: "
To any of you still perched on the fence: this is an awesome event- so much fun and NO pressure to perform beyond the best you can do that day. It's not about finishing in the top ??? or winning the thing, it's about each of us working toward this common goal of completing a race with the full support of each other and feeling great having done it- wherever of however we finish. So take a leap. You GO GIRL!"

PLEASE, let Kelly know if you are interested and what you will do and we'll will put together another team or two is possible. Email Kelly at

ALL ARE INVITED to post-party at Kelly's house, racers and support crew! More details to follow!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 18, Sunday afternoon - Eagle Creek

Join us this Sunday, the 18th of July (how can it already be July???) at Eagle Creek park at 3:00pm, 71st Street entrance. Yes, this is an afternoon gathering instead of a morning one. And it involves two activities. Do both or do one.

BIKING: At 3:00 we will begin a ride through the park at whatever speed feels right.
RUNNING: After biking (approx. 3:40) we will put the bikes away at the 71st entrance, and run/stumble/walk a 5K run with our legs of concrete.

Meet at the 71st street entrance (there is a fee to enter the park). If you want to skip paying the park fee, meet at Kelly's house right next to the park and we'll caravan one car over and use her annual park pass. If lots of folks meet at Kelly's, we may have to take 2 cars due to bikes and then we can all ante up for the 2nd car to enter the park. Her address is: 7601 Noel Forest Lane, Indy. Meet at Kelly's NO LATER THAN 2:50. If you are going to be later than that, go straight to the 71st street entrance of the park.

If you know Ginger Schoenberg and were invited to her place on Sunday, plan to go to her place when we finish our workout.

Take care!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recap of July 11th Gathering

What fun to get the group together again! Today, five Goddesses met for a run along the canal tow path starting at Butler University's Holcomb Gardens. Good thing we met early because it got hot quick! In attendance were Pam, Cindy, Kelly, Sherri and newcomer Kathi. Welcome Kathi and welcome back everyone else! (Darn it - no photos from today...must remember to take photos next time!) We ran varying distances between 4 and 5 miles and Cindy and Kelly talked the ENTIRE time. These women are superhuman - they don't need oxygen when they exercise! WTF. Post-run we enjoyed tea and coffee together and laughed and laughed and laughed.

LOTS of great ideas about the next few upcoming Sundays and places we can run or walk, bike, and swim! Check back to this blog near the end of this week and plan to come along on Sunday, July 18th, on our next fitness adventure. Remember - everyone is welcome!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 8am Details

This Sunday's gathering will be a running only day. We'll meet as a group, start together, then everyone can adjust their pace to their own liking. So, you may be walking or running with others, or you might not. You can adjust the length of the run/walk to whatever you need it to be.

LOCATION: Tow path that runs the canal behind Butler University; meet at Holcomb Garden's circular drive down by the canal; don't have great directions to this but it really is easy to find. Between Butler Fieldhouse and Clowes Hall there is a road. Take that road (it sorta looks like utility road once on it and takes you behind Clowes Hall), then turn right into Holcomb Gardens and go down the hill to the circular drive. Park on the circular drive.
WHEN: Sunday, July 11, 8:00am - We'll start promptly at 8am.
LOST? Call me by 7:59am at 317-501-2099

Thursday, July 8, 2010

BACK UP & RUNNING (and swimming and biking)

After a long hiatus, the Goddess Gang is regrouping to begin its Sunday morning fitness gatherings starting July 11! Fitness and socializing and hot-as-hell-weather - does it get any better than that??

Whereas we first started this group with just running in mind, we are expanding out a tad for the next two months in preparation for the Go Girl Triathlon. You do NOT have to be doing the Tri, however, to be part of the Goddess Gang! (In fact, you don't even have to be female, just be in tune to the feminine psyche!) You just have to love fun, like to laugh more than bitch, smile more than frown, and be committed to improving your physical and emotional fitness in whatever way, shape or form works for you. (Below an example of Goddess Gang attitude in play - the 3 original Goddesses hamming it up. Notice smiles, camaraderie, and biceps.)

SO, here's the deal with this blog. We'll post what will be going on each Sunday morning no later than Saturday early evening. It's your responsibility to check the blog for details. If you can come, you come! Do all of the activities we have planned or pick and choose. No pressure, no worries. If you can't make it one Sunday morning, you check back the next week to see what fascinating fitness adventure we'll be doing and where.

Simple! Easy! FUN!!!!! Later folks.....OH, and invite others you know who fit the Goddess Gang criteria or who want to learn how to add that criteria to their lives!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday, Feb. 28

Hey all,

A few folks are walking the canal in downtown Indy at 1:00pm (instead of 8:30am) on Sunday. Meet at Buggs Temple by 1:00.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Feb. 21, Sunday

Blast this weather....predicting snow again this weekend.

Well, here's the deal. Barring snow, I (Sherri) will be at the 10:30-11:30am pilates class at Invoke Yoga in downtown Indy on Central (across the street and to the west of the Red Cross building). Taking a little running break and replacing it with some core work!

Come on by if you get the urge.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 14, Sunday, Run/Walk Info

Greetings All,

Our February 14, Sunday, gathering will be inside - at the HealthPlex where Kelly has a membership. The HealthPlex is easy to find (off Hwy 65) and just 2 or 3 miles northwest of downtown Indy. Happy Valentines Day in advance.

The last time we visited there we had a blast! For sure, we were the loudest and most exuberant exercisers in the entire place. (Quite possibly even the cutest.)

The guest pass fee is $15 but well worth it in terms of the track, equipment, hot tub (alas, not co-ed) and sauna. Bring your running/walking clothes and your bathing suit (really) and come prepared for a workout that you can tailor to your level.

Meet between 8:20-8:30am in the foyer of the HealthPlex. Need directions? Click HERE.

***And don't forget that on Saturday the 13th, there's a 5K Mini Marathon Training event in downtown Indy if you want to participate. Don't forget to check out the CrossFit classes offered at PR Fitness too - - definitely a great way to prepare your body for the Mini.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb. 7, Sunday, Run & Walk Plans

Greetings All,

Mother Nature has spoken and the snow wins. No formal gathering this Sunday. I miss you guys!

Walk or run on your own, inside or outside. If the weather isn't great for next Sunday, perhaps we can talk "Kelly-of-the-Madness" into hosting us again at the Health Plex, or asking Chris Roche at PRFitness to hold a special CrossFit for us.

*****MINI TRAINING RUN on Sat., Feb. 13 - For those interested, there's a Mini marathon training run/walk on Feb. 13, Saturday, which I know several of us are doing. It's a 5K and begins at the Indiana State Museum - you can still sign up. Check back here later next week for the group meeting location where we can all gather before the race begins.

Check back next week for the final Sunday plan. Until then, stay warm and travel safe.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan. 31 - On Your Own/No formal run-walk

Hey folks - the original plan for everyone to get together this Sunday has been changed due to cold temperatures and busy schedules. Reminder: be sure to re-check this blog Saturday nights or Sunday early morning to see if there have been any changes like this to the plan.

Check back later this week for details about our Feb. 7, Sunday, plans.

Have a great upcoming week!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RECAP: Jan. 24 Run/Walk in the Rain

What a turnout we saw for the Jan. 24th gathering! Even with rain falling, 8 dedicated Goddesses showed up. Damn, we rock. Sometimes I just am awed by how amazing we are. No, that's not ego and narcissism, folks - that's just pride in who we are and how we are focusing on well-rounded wellness and life enjoyment. Thanks to all who came: Pam, Vanessa, Cindy, Casey, Alison, and first-but-not-last-timers Joyce and Jen.

Cindy, who brought her niece Casey, gets the award (if we had awards) for driving the farthest - from Columbus. Casey, great to have you there! Cindy also gets the Clumsy Drinker award, and from what she shared with us, this should be of no surprise to her. Hmm...Clumsy Drinker? What does that mean, you ask?

Come join us on January 31st at 8:30am and find out! We will tell ALL! The Jan. 31st run/walk location will be announced later this week.

Until then, make your week a fantastic one, and enjoy one of my all-time favorite quotes.

"Think of the small as large and the few as many. Confront the difficult while it is still easy. Accomplish the great task by a series of small acts." -- Tao Te Ching

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sunday, Jan. 24 Location & Time

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, 8:30am
Hello, Goddesses! We'll be running and walking the Monon Trail again starting in Broadripple, and meeting at the Sno-Cone shack (quite literally, a shack on a corner that sells sno-cones).

This meeting spot is one block north of the intersection of Westfield Blvd. and Broadripple Avenue (behind the McDonalds). Street parking available free of charge. See everyone at 8:30am. We will begin running/walking promptly at 8:30.

PS: On some upcoming Sundays to be announced, we'll supplement our running/walk program by scheduling a CrossFit session with instructor Chris Roche (see below) at PRFitness out in Brownsburg.
Check out if you are looking for some new workout options to energize your wellness plan. PRFitness is offering lots of great classes, and one class that several of the Goddesses have gotten hooked on is called CrossFit. Fun, challenging, and sometimes a tad odd. Check out his website for more information and a class schedule.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome Goddesses!

Welcome to the Goddess Gang blog. For those who may not know, Goddess stands for: Girls Out Doing Damn Exercise Successive Sundays (or Guys Out Doing Damn Exercise Successive Sundays -- we are an equal opportunity exercising group.) If you are interested in getting out and moving and staying fit (oh, and having fun and laughing a lot), we're the group you've been looking for!

So, what will you find on this blog? Simple. Every Sunday (or Funday, as I like to think of it) morning at varying locations in Indianapolis, our Goddess Gang meets at 8:30am to run and/or walk together. This blog will fill you on WHERE the next run/walk location is, or if there have been changes to the plan due to weather, emergencies, whims of humans, acts of God, etc. See the end of this blog for the Sunday, January 24th location.

Come out and join us! Bring friends! Run or walk your own pace. No RSVP needed. Just show up by 8:30am. We're a fun and welcoming group, I promise - the photos don't lie!

Cindy, Sherri, Rad, Kelly and Chris brave the chill at Eagle Creek Park. What a fine looking group!
Post-core workout, five beauties collapse into a pile of exhausted but healthy bodies (inside exercise due to it being 10 degrees outside!)

No reminder emails with the Sunday location will be sent from here on out. Instead, bookmark this blog and check back with it to find out where our Sunday fun will be held. Best to check the blog on Saturday late afternoon to see what the plan is for Sunday.

Five gals, one camera, one pair of Yeti shoes, the Broadripple Monon Trail, and a dampness in the air that penetrated to the bone - at least for the first 1/2 mile. The group decided to run 25 minutes northward on the Monon, then turn and run the 25 minutes back to the starting point. Fifty minutes later, we were done and ready for coffee and tea at the local coffee house! For a few of us enjoying our newfound fitness, how odd it is to think back a year ago when the mere idea of running even one mile would have elicited the response of "Can't do it, won't do it."

Today, Vanessa won the "Best Dressed Foot" award of the day (see photos). Aren't they freaky? Makes me think that over the last 20 years Vanessa has been making those footprints in remote locations with these shoes - yes, the footprints that get attributed to Bigfoot. I, however, won the "Best Headwear" award with my Ninja head covering.

Let's do the Broadripple Monon Trail again, meeting at the Sno-Cone shack (quite literally, a shack that sells sno-cones). This meeting spot is one short block north of the intersection of Westfield Blvd. and Broadripple Avenue. Street parking available free of charge. See everyone at 8:30am. Again, everyone welcome. No pressure. Come do your thing and chat a bit afterward.