Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recap of July 11th Gathering

What fun to get the group together again! Today, five Goddesses met for a run along the canal tow path starting at Butler University's Holcomb Gardens. Good thing we met early because it got hot quick! In attendance were Pam, Cindy, Kelly, Sherri and newcomer Kathi. Welcome Kathi and welcome back everyone else! (Darn it - no photos from today...must remember to take photos next time!) We ran varying distances between 4 and 5 miles and Cindy and Kelly talked the ENTIRE time. These women are superhuman - they don't need oxygen when they exercise! WTF. Post-run we enjoyed tea and coffee together and laughed and laughed and laughed.

LOTS of great ideas about the next few upcoming Sundays and places we can run or walk, bike, and swim! Check back to this blog near the end of this week and plan to come along on Sunday, July 18th, on our next fitness adventure. Remember - everyone is welcome!

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  1. Great run,great company! I have bad news about Natatorium - no weekend swimming. I offer s run or bike and then swim at the JCC (Hoover Road) with swim in outdoor pool either next Saturday or Sunday a.m. I will check times for lap swimming .... Natatorium is open until 430 p.m. Friday if anyone wants to do a brick on Friday during the day???