Sunday, September 26, 2010

October 3 Opportunity-Eagle Creek events

Hey everyone,
On October 3rd, consider signing up for the trail running/walking event at Eagle Creek and pick your pleasure: 5K, 15K, half-marathon, full marathon! Check out the right hand side of this page for the website to get more information.

In light of this event and the several Goddesses participating in it, we'll skip a formal gathering on Oct. 3.

Post-event I am hightailing it up to Harry's Chocolate Shop in W. Lafayette (where they do NOT serve chocolate) and hanging out with some friends. Feel free to join us if you aren't offended by alcohol consumption, the best sodium-laded chicken wings EVER, stumbling & mumbling tipsy people, and cursing.

SO, what's in store for us on Oct. 10, the next Goddess gathering on a Sunday? I SAY INTERVALS...and maybe a few intervals on hills? Put down 8am, Oct. 10 on your calendars at Eagle Creek park (specific entrance to park forthcoming).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunday, Sept 19 Run/walk

On Sunday, Sept. 19, Kelly will be leading folks on a run in Eagle Creek Park starting at 8:00am at the 71st Street entrance. If you haven't joined us for a goddess gang gathering, please come by and share in the laughter and exercise. (please also, everyone send some good juju our way for the sprint tri that Stephanie and I are doing in Fishers...when you start your run, we will be starting our swim!)

IMPORTANT: September 25, Saturday is the Mallow Run Winery 5 mile run and 5K run & walk on the southside. Sign up now at Post event, Mallow will serve you wine and Bazbeaux pizza. THEN, at 6:00pm come to my house for some munchies and a bonfire. We just live about 7 miles south of the winery. Interested? Email me for directions or leave a comment here.

Sherri D.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Saturday instead of Sunday Event

Hey All,

Saturday will be the day for this week's activity instead of Sunday. We are going to tag along with Chris Roche's planned trail run or walk in Eagle Creek park with his PR Fitness athletes. Meet at the 56th Street entrance. Don't forget there is a park fee of $5. We are meeting at 11am with a scheduled depart time of 11:10. Hope to see you there.

Don't forget to register for upcoming events like the Mallow Run Winery Wine at the Line run or walk on Sept. 25, or the Eagle Creek mini or marathon on Oct. 3. There's also the Fisher's Triathlon on Sept. 19...lots of options to keep moving!

As a side note, I had my first personal training session with Richard Stent of PR Fitness this morning. If you've been hesitating on setting up a session with Richard, don't wait any longer! It was fantastic - lots of fun and great instruction. He'll help you refine your lifting technique, making tweaks here and there that will make all the difference in how you feel, how you look, and how much weight you lift. For more info, visit

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sept. 5, Labor Day weekend - no formal activity/Tri Celebrations

Hey Everyone,
Congrats to all who did the Go Girl Triathlon at Eagle Creek last weekend! Fun, great fellowship, and some pretty impressive finishes, too! If you passed on doing the Tri this year, do consider it for next year. Very low pressure, very high fun level.
Since Sept. 5 is part of the Labor Day weekend, lots of folks are gone or unavailable so we won't have a formalized gathering that day.

SO, our goal is to re-connect on Sept. 12, Sunday, and do something fun. AND, I mean fun because Goddess Vanessa is returning to Indiana from dreary San Diego (ha) for that weekend! Stay tuned for what fun we'll schedule for that Sunday. Check back next week. Several of us have upcoming races in September through November so be ready for some Goddess running action. Chris Roche/PR will also be hosting some trail runs in September to help folks prepare for the Oct. 3 Eagle Creek 1/2 and full marathon on the trails.

Until then, enjoy a few photos from the Tri. (Team photos were captured on my disposable camera so I will post those photos next week when I get the CD back from the developer!