Friday, September 17, 2010

Sunday, Sept 19 Run/walk

On Sunday, Sept. 19, Kelly will be leading folks on a run in Eagle Creek Park starting at 8:00am at the 71st Street entrance. If you haven't joined us for a goddess gang gathering, please come by and share in the laughter and exercise. (please also, everyone send some good juju our way for the sprint tri that Stephanie and I are doing in Fishers...when you start your run, we will be starting our swim!)

IMPORTANT: September 25, Saturday is the Mallow Run Winery 5 mile run and 5K run & walk on the southside. Sign up now at Post event, Mallow will serve you wine and Bazbeaux pizza. THEN, at 6:00pm come to my house for some munchies and a bonfire. We just live about 7 miles south of the winery. Interested? Email me for directions or leave a comment here.

Sherri D.

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