Saturday, July 24, 2010

August 1, Sunday - Eagle Creek

Ladies and Gentlemen,

August 1, Sunday, at 8am we'll meet at Eagle Creek, 71st Street entrance for biking and running/walking.

Biking will be first, followed by the run/walk. Don't forget to bring money for the park fee.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 25 Plan

Hey everyone,

On Sunday, July 25, Kelly and Sherri are out of town and we usually organize the Sunday time and location. SO, what does this mean? It means there is no official gathering UNLESS one of you wants to pick a time and a location and send it my way to post on the blog. Just send me a note back under if you want to set up a meeting time/place for this sunday and post it under COMMENTS. Then, I'll post that info to the blog.

That following Sunday, August 1, let's meet at 8:00am at Eagle Creek. We'll bike first, then follow it up for a run. Just want to do one thing and not the other - no worries.

NOTE: Something to look forward to!! Kathi T. of the southside and Cindy B. of Columbus (the really southside) both know of great running paths down their way for us to try in the near future. Stay tuned for more info on this.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Girl Triathlon - Tell us ASAP

Hey folks,

This list should include everyone who has said they were interested in the GO GIRL triathlon.

Participating in Full Tri:
Alison Cole
Sherri DeCoursey
Jen Johansen
Kelly Rota-Autry

** Ful Tri Ladies, don't forget to register and keep checking the goddessgang blogspot if you are interested in some group workouts! Chris also will be lending his training expertise and giving us some ideas on how to get ready!

Tri Teams (2 or 3 people per team):

Team 1: Katie (to swim) Ginger (to bike) Cindy (to run) (or Joyce??) Need to know who before I register, also need everyone's ages and addresses....

As for Team 2 or 3 or ...Aimee will bike or run if someone else will swim ... ANYONE WANT TO SWIM? You swim in Eagle Creek but only 20 pool laps.

As Jen Johansen said: "
To any of you still perched on the fence: this is an awesome event- so much fun and NO pressure to perform beyond the best you can do that day. It's not about finishing in the top ??? or winning the thing, it's about each of us working toward this common goal of completing a race with the full support of each other and feeling great having done it- wherever of however we finish. So take a leap. You GO GIRL!"

PLEASE, let Kelly know if you are interested and what you will do and we'll will put together another team or two is possible. Email Kelly at

ALL ARE INVITED to post-party at Kelly's house, racers and support crew! More details to follow!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 18, Sunday afternoon - Eagle Creek

Join us this Sunday, the 18th of July (how can it already be July???) at Eagle Creek park at 3:00pm, 71st Street entrance. Yes, this is an afternoon gathering instead of a morning one. And it involves two activities. Do both or do one.

BIKING: At 3:00 we will begin a ride through the park at whatever speed feels right.
RUNNING: After biking (approx. 3:40) we will put the bikes away at the 71st entrance, and run/stumble/walk a 5K run with our legs of concrete.

Meet at the 71st street entrance (there is a fee to enter the park). If you want to skip paying the park fee, meet at Kelly's house right next to the park and we'll caravan one car over and use her annual park pass. If lots of folks meet at Kelly's, we may have to take 2 cars due to bikes and then we can all ante up for the 2nd car to enter the park. Her address is: 7601 Noel Forest Lane, Indy. Meet at Kelly's NO LATER THAN 2:50. If you are going to be later than that, go straight to the 71st street entrance of the park.

If you know Ginger Schoenberg and were invited to her place on Sunday, plan to go to her place when we finish our workout.

Take care!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recap of July 11th Gathering

What fun to get the group together again! Today, five Goddesses met for a run along the canal tow path starting at Butler University's Holcomb Gardens. Good thing we met early because it got hot quick! In attendance were Pam, Cindy, Kelly, Sherri and newcomer Kathi. Welcome Kathi and welcome back everyone else! (Darn it - no photos from today...must remember to take photos next time!) We ran varying distances between 4 and 5 miles and Cindy and Kelly talked the ENTIRE time. These women are superhuman - they don't need oxygen when they exercise! WTF. Post-run we enjoyed tea and coffee together and laughed and laughed and laughed.

LOTS of great ideas about the next few upcoming Sundays and places we can run or walk, bike, and swim! Check back to this blog near the end of this week and plan to come along on Sunday, July 18th, on our next fitness adventure. Remember - everyone is welcome!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sunday, July 11, 8am Details

This Sunday's gathering will be a running only day. We'll meet as a group, start together, then everyone can adjust their pace to their own liking. So, you may be walking or running with others, or you might not. You can adjust the length of the run/walk to whatever you need it to be.

LOCATION: Tow path that runs the canal behind Butler University; meet at Holcomb Garden's circular drive down by the canal; don't have great directions to this but it really is easy to find. Between Butler Fieldhouse and Clowes Hall there is a road. Take that road (it sorta looks like utility road once on it and takes you behind Clowes Hall), then turn right into Holcomb Gardens and go down the hill to the circular drive. Park on the circular drive.
WHEN: Sunday, July 11, 8:00am - We'll start promptly at 8am.
LOST? Call me by 7:59am at 317-501-2099

Thursday, July 8, 2010

BACK UP & RUNNING (and swimming and biking)

After a long hiatus, the Goddess Gang is regrouping to begin its Sunday morning fitness gatherings starting July 11! Fitness and socializing and hot-as-hell-weather - does it get any better than that??

Whereas we first started this group with just running in mind, we are expanding out a tad for the next two months in preparation for the Go Girl Triathlon. You do NOT have to be doing the Tri, however, to be part of the Goddess Gang! (In fact, you don't even have to be female, just be in tune to the feminine psyche!) You just have to love fun, like to laugh more than bitch, smile more than frown, and be committed to improving your physical and emotional fitness in whatever way, shape or form works for you. (Below an example of Goddess Gang attitude in play - the 3 original Goddesses hamming it up. Notice smiles, camaraderie, and biceps.)

SO, here's the deal with this blog. We'll post what will be going on each Sunday morning no later than Saturday early evening. It's your responsibility to check the blog for details. If you can come, you come! Do all of the activities we have planned or pick and choose. No pressure, no worries. If you can't make it one Sunday morning, you check back the next week to see what fascinating fitness adventure we'll be doing and where.

Simple! Easy! FUN!!!!! Later folks.....OH, and invite others you know who fit the Goddess Gang criteria or who want to learn how to add that criteria to their lives!