Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 18, Sunday afternoon - Eagle Creek

Join us this Sunday, the 18th of July (how can it already be July???) at Eagle Creek park at 3:00pm, 71st Street entrance. Yes, this is an afternoon gathering instead of a morning one. And it involves two activities. Do both or do one.

BIKING: At 3:00 we will begin a ride through the park at whatever speed feels right.
RUNNING: After biking (approx. 3:40) we will put the bikes away at the 71st entrance, and run/stumble/walk a 5K run with our legs of concrete.

Meet at the 71st street entrance (there is a fee to enter the park). If you want to skip paying the park fee, meet at Kelly's house right next to the park and we'll caravan one car over and use her annual park pass. If lots of folks meet at Kelly's, we may have to take 2 cars due to bikes and then we can all ante up for the 2nd car to enter the park. Her address is: 7601 Noel Forest Lane, Indy. Meet at Kelly's NO LATER THAN 2:50. If you are going to be later than that, go straight to the 71st street entrance of the park.

If you know Ginger Schoenberg and were invited to her place on Sunday, plan to go to her place when we finish our workout.

Take care!

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