Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Girl Triathlon - Tell us ASAP

Hey folks,

This list should include everyone who has said they were interested in the GO GIRL triathlon.

Participating in Full Tri:
Alison Cole
Sherri DeCoursey
Jen Johansen
Kelly Rota-Autry

** Ful Tri Ladies, don't forget to register and keep checking the goddessgang blogspot if you are interested in some group workouts! Chris also will be lending his training expertise and giving us some ideas on how to get ready!

Tri Teams (2 or 3 people per team):

Team 1: Katie (to swim) Ginger (to bike) Cindy (to run) (or Joyce??) Need to know who before I register, also need everyone's ages and addresses....

As for Team 2 or 3 or ...Aimee will bike or run if someone else will swim ... ANYONE WANT TO SWIM? You swim in Eagle Creek but only 20 pool laps.

As Jen Johansen said: "
To any of you still perched on the fence: this is an awesome event- so much fun and NO pressure to perform beyond the best you can do that day. It's not about finishing in the top ??? or winning the thing, it's about each of us working toward this common goal of completing a race with the full support of each other and feeling great having done it- wherever of however we finish. So take a leap. You GO GIRL!"

PLEASE, let Kelly know if you are interested and what you will do and we'll will put together another team or two is possible. Email Kelly at krotaautry@comcast.net.

ALL ARE INVITED to post-party at Kelly's house, racers and support crew! More details to follow!

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