Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sunday, Aug. 15--SWIMMING at 7am

Yep, it's an early morning Goddess swimming adventure on Sunday the 15th. Why so early? So we don't get caught swimming in Eagle Creek later in the day (yes, swimming is prohibited so those of you who don't want another arrest on your record better stay home).

Those of you who don't yet have a record, who don't care about another arrest, or who are feeling invincible, COME ON BY!

We are meeting at Eagles Hideaway (oooh, that even sounds like the perfect clandestine meeting spot for the Goddess Gang, doesn't it?) at 7am sharp. Richard from PR Fitness will be our swimming coach and guide...he breaks the law doing this ALL of the time! So far, no arrests for illegal swimming. He's either very lucky or he can swim faster than park rangers can.

For directions to Eagles Hideaway, please mapquest the address...8901 W 65th Street, Indianapolis.

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