Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome Goddesses!

Welcome to the Goddess Gang blog. For those who may not know, Goddess stands for: Girls Out Doing Damn Exercise Successive Sundays (or Guys Out Doing Damn Exercise Successive Sundays -- we are an equal opportunity exercising group.) If you are interested in getting out and moving and staying fit (oh, and having fun and laughing a lot), we're the group you've been looking for!

So, what will you find on this blog? Simple. Every Sunday (or Funday, as I like to think of it) morning at varying locations in Indianapolis, our Goddess Gang meets at 8:30am to run and/or walk together. This blog will fill you on WHERE the next run/walk location is, or if there have been changes to the plan due to weather, emergencies, whims of humans, acts of God, etc. See the end of this blog for the Sunday, January 24th location.

Come out and join us! Bring friends! Run or walk your own pace. No RSVP needed. Just show up by 8:30am. We're a fun and welcoming group, I promise - the photos don't lie!

Cindy, Sherri, Rad, Kelly and Chris brave the chill at Eagle Creek Park. What a fine looking group!
Post-core workout, five beauties collapse into a pile of exhausted but healthy bodies (inside exercise due to it being 10 degrees outside!)

No reminder emails with the Sunday location will be sent from here on out. Instead, bookmark this blog and check back with it to find out where our Sunday fun will be held. Best to check the blog on Saturday late afternoon to see what the plan is for Sunday.

Five gals, one camera, one pair of Yeti shoes, the Broadripple Monon Trail, and a dampness in the air that penetrated to the bone - at least for the first 1/2 mile. The group decided to run 25 minutes northward on the Monon, then turn and run the 25 minutes back to the starting point. Fifty minutes later, we were done and ready for coffee and tea at the local coffee house! For a few of us enjoying our newfound fitness, how odd it is to think back a year ago when the mere idea of running even one mile would have elicited the response of "Can't do it, won't do it."

Today, Vanessa won the "Best Dressed Foot" award of the day (see photos). Aren't they freaky? Makes me think that over the last 20 years Vanessa has been making those footprints in remote locations with these shoes - yes, the footprints that get attributed to Bigfoot. I, however, won the "Best Headwear" award with my Ninja head covering.

Let's do the Broadripple Monon Trail again, meeting at the Sno-Cone shack (quite literally, a shack that sells sno-cones). This meeting spot is one short block north of the intersection of Westfield Blvd. and Broadripple Avenue. Street parking available free of charge. See everyone at 8:30am. Again, everyone welcome. No pressure. Come do your thing and chat a bit afterward.


  1. I think I will start calling you Ninja D it seems befitting : )))

  2. I just KNEW you'd be the first to leave a comment! Thx for pacing with me today.

  3. I"ll bookmark the spot. This is turning into a lovely ritual. Thanks for having me. Alison

  4. Ninja D -- I love it! And I love the blog, way to go, Sherri!

  5. We gotta find a way to bottle this good energy! -Sherri aka Ninja D. (Yikes - what's my nickname come spring and summer when my warm Ninja hat begins to suffocate me and must be left at home?)