Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RECAP: Jan. 24 Run/Walk in the Rain

What a turnout we saw for the Jan. 24th gathering! Even with rain falling, 8 dedicated Goddesses showed up. Damn, we rock. Sometimes I just am awed by how amazing we are. No, that's not ego and narcissism, folks - that's just pride in who we are and how we are focusing on well-rounded wellness and life enjoyment. Thanks to all who came: Pam, Vanessa, Cindy, Casey, Alison, and first-but-not-last-timers Joyce and Jen.

Cindy, who brought her niece Casey, gets the award (if we had awards) for driving the farthest - from Columbus. Casey, great to have you there! Cindy also gets the Clumsy Drinker award, and from what she shared with us, this should be of no surprise to her. Hmm...Clumsy Drinker? What does that mean, you ask?

Come join us on January 31st at 8:30am and find out! We will tell ALL! The Jan. 31st run/walk location will be announced later this week.

Until then, make your week a fantastic one, and enjoy one of my all-time favorite quotes.

"Think of the small as large and the few as many. Confront the difficult while it is still easy. Accomplish the great task by a series of small acts." -- Tao Te Ching

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